Disney might be filming ‘The Mighty Ducks’ TV series in Canada

Photo via https://www.rollingstone.com/

Well, folks, it’s been reported that Disney+ is doing a reboot series for The Mighty Ducks. Plus, they have tentatively scheduled production to begin in Vancouver early next year. Now, we don’t exactly know how to feel about this announcement. On the one hand, we get to see more of the iconic franchise.

On the other, the initial announcement has drawn a couple of important questions from fans. Before we dive into the meat and potatoes of The Mighty Ducks, here’s the tweet that started it all:

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Now, if this account and the associated news story is right, then there are some unanswered questions here. First, how does a ragtag team end up kicking out a player?

Also, is Emilio Estevez going to be a part of the series? Will there be any cameos from the original squad? And, most importantly, will the story end with a multinational entertainment company just bossing up and putting the team in the NHL? Now that’s a series we’d love to see.

There are so many questions that we need answers to. While we wait for more details to be released, we’re going to go practice our knuckle pucks on the driveway. You can’t be too prepared.

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