Canada’s first panoramic movie theatre has arrived

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screenx coming to Toronto Cineplex

The first panoramic movie-screen in Canada is opening in Toronto this week, and your movie-watching experience will never be the same.

Forget the standard theatres that we’ve grown up with, forget 3-D flicks and the high prices that came along with it, but don’t forget IMAX (because it’s awesome)…

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Why are we so excited about ScreenX? Well, movie-lovers, let us break it down for you: with 270-degrees of cinema-screen, you’ll practically be surrounded by the entertainment. You’ll be moved beyond the traditional frame of the film and feel like you’re living inside the movie itself. Oh, and considering the first Toronto screenings will be of the brand new Aquaman movie, you might want to arrive with a snorkel and some swim gear.








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This new addition will be the first in Canada but the 187th in the world. Obviously, we weren’t the first market they wanted, but maybe if we blow the roof off this joint and sell the place out we’ll be the first ones to get hologram movies or robots serving us our movie snacks. Who knows what the future holds!

ScreenX – Canada’s First Panoramic Movie Experience

Where: Cineplex Cinemas Queensway and VIP
When: Thursday, December 20

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