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7 essential Canadian Phone Apps you need right now

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Let’s face an uncomfortable fact, Canada is not exactly a technological powerhouse just yet, but we are getting there slowly and surely. While we wait for our version of Silicon Valley to pop up (looking at you, Vancouver) there are a few apps out there that are holding the rope.

Here are 7 Canadian mobile apps actually worth having.


skip the dishes

A no-brainer of an app to have. SkipTheDishes has kept up with and outshone all competitors when it comes to food delivery. If you’re beating UberEats, you’re doing something right. Support Canadian business next time you’re feeling lazy and want a pizza brought to your door.



Bet you didn’t know Bitmoji comes from a Canadian developer, huh? Well, it does, making things that much better when you decide to get hella personal in the group chat. Just include a beaver or a Maple Leaf or something to shout them out.

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An app created by Anxiety Canada. It uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to deal with issues as they arise and reduce anxiety. If it works, hey, you save yourself some very expensive trips to your counsellor.



The best news app for Canadians, bar none. To make the deal even sweeter, they’ve got an incredible rating across 54k plus reviews. The only app we turn to after browsing Reddit (and we are very addicted to Reddit).



We don’t know about you, but we’re still renting while we try to scrape together a down payment. Turn house hunting into an everyday thing, and be the first to jump on that great deal in your dream neighbourhood.

The Great Trail


Basically a map for, you guessed it, The Great Trail. Learn the ins and outs of the longest recreational trail in the world. Then, impress your friends the next time they want to go on an impromptu weekend adventure.

Alto’s Odyssey

altos odyssey

The only app that costs money on this list, Alto’s Odyssey is the ‘perfect’ sequel to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure. Worth every penny, if you ask us. It’s also the only game we’re willing to put on our phones that isn’t chess (we’re nerds, we know).

Boom! 7 Canadian mobile apps to try out if you haven’t already. Sorry if we missed your favourite, turns out it’s incredibly hard to figure out who produces what on the App Store.

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