5 new things you should stream this weekend

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The weekend is here and we’re looking for entertainment. Although the world is slowly reopening with activities we could do outside the house, sometimes we’d rather just stay in. Even with masks and social distancing, staying home is still the safer option. So what shall we do to occupy ourselves? Go on a streaming marathon, of course! There are tons of new additions to some of our favourite platforms that are just waiting for us to hit play.

So without further adieu… Here are 5 new things to stream this weekend.


We all could be learning how to live more sustainably. And what better way to learn than with Zac Efron? This new 8-part Netflix docuseries takes you around the world with the actor, as he explores healthy and sustainable ways to live. It’s an educational and informative series. Plus, you get to look at Zac Efron the entire time, so there’s really no losers here.


This American hit is finally available in Canada! And we are pumped about it. Unless you’ve been illegally streaming, we haven’t been able to access this gem from Ryan Murphy until now. This dark and twisty show features performances from some of our faves like Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange. And it’s available now on Prime Video!

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You may remember this show for its original 14-season run that went from the late ’80s to 2010, but this reboot is already making waves. In fact, the Netflix Original Series has already caused the FBI to reopen one of the cases that the series features. If you’re a true-crime nut, this is absolutely for you.


This Amazon Prime original is the feel-good, inspiring series you need to get you through this pandemic. Each episode features some of your favourite celebrities highlight the heroes of the current ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We’ll meet doctors and nurses on the frontlines. And learn all about the folks who are keeping us safe and afloat. It’s available to stream on Prime Video.


Okay, this film isn’t exactly new. But it was only recently added to Prime Video! So we’re including it anyway. It’s the classic movie that launched Leo DiCaprio’s career. Plus, it also stars a young Johnny Depp! It’s a heartbreaking coming-of-age story that will definitely hit you in all the feels. Trust us, you’re gonna wanna have a tissue box on hand for this one.

So pop some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show! With these great picks, you’ll be entertained all weekend long.

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