5 awesome new shows & movies to stream this weekend

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The weekend is here already! And if you’re looking for a way to spend it, we’ve got an idea. Why not settle in with some popcorn and a brand new shows to stream? We’ve all become pros at binge-watching content in the past few months. So whenever new stuff drops, we’re pretty excited about it. So pop some popcorn and get right to it.

Here are 5 awesome new things to stream this weekend.


If you like Planet Earth, you’ll like this new Netflix Original Docuseries. The six-part first season dropped earlier this week and it’s already made it into the top ten trending shows in Canada. The series follows Science Journalist, Latif Nasser, as he explores the world and the ways in which everything is interconnected. It’s very educational, interesting as can be, and fun for the whole family. (If that’s what you’re looking for).


This Netflix Docuseries also dropped this week but it’s got a much darker feel than our last pick. The six-part show is an investigative limited series that shows you the bone-chilling reality of America’s broken immigration system. The filmmakers had “unprecedented access to ICE operations,” and they used it to uncover the heartbreaking reality of the tens of thousands of people who immigrate to the United States. This one’s pretty hard to watch so have a box of tissues nearby.

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5 awesome new shows and movies to stream this weekend


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And ANOTHER Netflix Docuseries that dropped this week is this chilling pick. If you like true crime docs, this is the one for you. It tells the stories of people who are suspected to have committed seriously heinous crimes, and how they’ve avoided capture by the law. The series is so popular it’s already jumped to number two in the top ten trending in Canada today. So we’ve got a feeling this one will keep your attention gripped.


Okay, yes. This is another documentary. This week’s been big for those apparently. But this time it’s not a Netflix Doc. Instead, it’s a doc about Netflix. And you’ll actually find it on Prime Video. This film explores the story of Netflix from the time that it was a tiny little start-up in Silicon Valley to the streaming giant it’s become today. If you’re interested in TV networks, broadcasting, production, or the media in general, this movie will definitely give you some insights on the behind-the-scenes of all that.


And we’ll lighten things up with a pick that is not a documentary for our last choice. It’s a standup special! Comedian and SNL writer Sam Jay just dropped her first Netflix special. And if you like raunchy, honesty, tell-it-like-it-is comedy, this is the pick for you. She explores all kinds of topics and her hot takes on the world will have you giggling for days.

Happy streaming, everyone!