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You can win a spooky seance & private screening at this 106-year-old Toronto theatre

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fox theatre seance

If you’ve ever been to the Fox Theatre on Queen East, you know there’s something not quite right there. Over the years, we’ve heard rumours about people feeling a sort of creepy presence at the spot. One of the emergency exits has a weird vibe and staff even say that it feels like there’s something walking them out the door when they close up at night. You might even say the place is haunted.

Well, now you can experience it in person at the Fox Theatre Seance. Right now, you and five lucky friends have the chance to win a visit to the spooky spot to unearth the theatre’s 106-year-old history. The event will come with a seance led by a professional medium and a fun movie night afterward!

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So all you’ve gotta do to enter is head online and donate to the theatre. Each donation of $25 counts as a contest entry. If your name is drawn, you’ll get to choose five friends to invite to your private event. You’ll even get to pick the movie you’ll be screening!

Plus, because it’s donation based, you can also feel good about supporting a local business during these difficult times. The theatre industry has been hit crazy hard by the ongoing pandemic, so every dollar really counts.

The contest closes Thursday, November 5th, so be sure to enter before then. The date of the seance will be announced as soon as this pesky pandemic clears up and theatres can safely reopen.

Good luck!


Where: Fox Theatre, 2236 Queen St E
How to attend: Enter for your chance to win tickets here