Toronto has cancelled all major city events until July 1st

Via Mercedes Mehling

Well, it happened, guys. Toronto has officially cancelled all permits to hold major festivals until, at least Tuesday, June 30th in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Cancelled or postponed events include The Hot Docs Festival, Canadian Music Week, the Toronto Jazz festival, the Inside out Film Festival, North by Northwest and Tastemaker Toronto.

But perhaps the largest event to take a hit will be the annual Toronto Pride Parade, which sees tens of thousands of people from all over the country every single year.

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Despite the devastating cancellation of such a vibrant festival, the organizers of the Toronto parade have said that they will still find a way to recognize Pride Month. Considering how many restrictions they’ll be working against, we imagine that they’ll have to get pretty creative.

This is something artists and attendees look forward to year after year, so it’s sad that in 2020 we’ll have to do without. We are pretty excited to see what incredible thing they come up with to fill the big shoes of the Toronto Pride Parade, though.

If anyone can figure this out, it’ll be them! We’ll keep you all updated as information rolls in, but until then, stay in and stay safe. We’ll get through this!

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