The world’s largest rubber duck is floating into Toronto again this year

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Sometimes the news sounds weirder than other times. This is one of those times. The world’s largest rubber duck is floating into Toronto’s harbour this year, and this isn’t the first time Giant Ducky has come to town.

No, Giant Ducky isn’t the technical name by any means. We just made that up. The technical name is actually Mama Duck, believe it or not! The duck is a whopping (quacking?) six storeys tall, weighing in at 1,300 kilograms. Hefty chonker.

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world's largest rubber duck

The duck is a feature of the Redpath Waterfront Festival, and surprisingly a great addition to Toronto’s tourism scene. According to festival organizers, the world’s largest rubber duck helped bring in more than $7.6 million in tourism dollars last year. Don’t ask us how they got that number, we’re just a bunch of quacks.

See you this summer, duck!

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