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The ‘Ultimate Drake Party’ brunch returns to Toronto this winter

Photo via The Brunch Club

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late to clear your calendar for ‘The Drake Club’, a boozy brunch celebrating Canada’s second-biggest superstar. Hosted by The Brunch Club, this event will have you telling your friends ‘Thank Me Later’ as they sing their hearts out to Drizzy. Here’s a little info care package about the event.

First, you should take care to bring your best Drake outfit to the event, as there will be a costume contest with prizes to be won. We’re just going to go shirt off shorty in there and see what happens. Maybe add a couple of big rings for good measure, but it’s not required. Trust us, our ability to dress properly at brunch is so far gone it’s not even funny.

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Of course, you’ll soon realize that nothing was the same after the experience. It’ll be hard going back to your regular views, but we believe in you. If scorpions like us can go and have a great brunch then bring things back down to earth, then you definitely can as well.

But, it will be difficult to not scream what a time to be alive as you drink your 2nd mimosa and enjoy the music. We’ll be right there with you. After all, we’re trying to give you More Life, not take it away.

The Drake Club

When: January 25, 2020
Where: TBD
Tickets: $50 (comes with food and 2 Drake-themed drinks)

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