Ripley’s Aquarium throwing an adult Prom do-over

Via Focus Photography Torontovia Giphy

Zip up that polyester dress. Straighten that bow tie. Spike the punch. Ripley’s Aquarium is redoing prom, so we hope you remember those stiff-arm awkward poses and one hit wonder dances (with room in between the two of you, of course)!

For their monthly 19+ night, Ripley’s Aquarium is ditching the chaperones and throwing the prom you wish you had! Get all gussied up in your best cringeworthy prom attire and get properly buzzed without having to sneak around behind your gym teacher.

ripley's aquarium

A classic prom needs a classic prom theme. They’re calling this one Enchantment Under the Sea, of course. Check out the video of their previous 19+ nights to see how rowdy you can expect to get! Spoiler alert: very rowdy.

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Expect food like pierogies, sliders, and funnel cake fries. Also, the cash bar will be fully stocked. Additionally, live music is coming courtesy of The Digs and DJ Kyrei. Wipe those sweaty palms before the slow dance, okay?

Wanna make out behind the bleachers after? We don’t have a curfew anymore.


When: Friday, May 3
Where: Ripley’s Aquarium, 288 Bremner Blvd
Time: 8 PM- 12 AM
Cost: $30