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Mark your calendars for this huge festival of chocolate!

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Holy yum, is this not the best event of the year? The Toronto Chocolate Festival is coming up, and it’s sure to be sweet as all heck. We love all chocolate, in all forms, all ways, all colours, all sizes. We don’t discriminate when it comes to chocolate.

The festival is actually in its 14th year, so they’re pretty much as fined-tuned and wonderful as you can get. There are a few different features of the festival. First off, you’ve got chocolate afternoon teas every weekend of the fest.

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toronto chocolate festival

Then, there’s a delectable full course chocolate-infused dinner. There’s also a blind wine and chocolate tasting, as well as a craft beer and chocolate pairing. Take a stroll to find the best sweets in town during the chocolate walking tour. Finally, it all wraps up with the swanky Chocolate Ball!

It’s literally a whole month dedicated to chocolate. It’s the best month of the year. Check out the site for all individual event deets as well as tickets! Our bodies are so ready.


When: Tuesday, October 1- Thursday, October 31

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