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Here are the best ‘Celebrate 4/20’ events in Toronto

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It’s the first legal 4/20 Toronto has to celebrate, so it’s kind of like everyone’s 19th birthday all over again. Let’s do the fun things we’ve been doing, but not while hiding in someone’s basement! How to celebrate? Well, here are some ideas, other than the obvious. 

Buy some legal weed

Might seem obvious, but you can do this now! Although Toronto is moving at the pace of a lethargic snail when it comes to opening cannabis stores, you’ve still got a couple of options. The Hunny Pot and Ameri are both open for business, so get your goods without the whole threat of jail time.

420 Toronto at Woodbine Park

We’re calling this one a “free farmers market” for legality. It may or may not have been able to obtain a permit. However, it’s going to be a dope time nevertheless! Expect a stage, live music, and vendors.

Cocktails, cannabis & canvases

Who gave the people paint when they were crossfaded?! Sounds questionable, has hilarious results. Sip, have a puff, and paint! It’s like those paint nights everyone’s into, but with way more substance.

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weed fairy

420 Hot Box Party

19 years running, this party is a 4/20 classic. They’ll be taking over the block at 204 Augusta with live music, vendors, and giveaways. Yes, the infamous Potio will be open.

420 Comedy Festival

The third year of *lit* comedy is bringing back stand up and specialty shows for the third year! Improv will be held at Bad Dog Comedy Theatre and Rivoli. You can catch stand up at Underground Cafe, and concept shows at Comedy Bar. Are their eyes bloodshot because of the stage lights or…

The 420 Ball

Let’s have a blunt and a ball! Expect lots of music, lots of dancing, and a thick fog of smoke.

Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the first legal 4/20 Toronto has seen!