Drop your drawers to skate the 8 at the Bentway

Photo via Pavel L Photo and Video on ShutterstockPhoto via @holidayicerinkdtla Instagram

Did you start 2018 naked? (Rhetorical question, please don’t answer that.) Well, now you can start 2019 that way…kind of. Keep reading for the scoop on the Bentway’s Polar Bear Skate on December 30!

A twist on the traditional (and potentially hypothermia-inducing) polar bear dip, the skate encourages participants to strip down to their undies and skate along the figure 8 below the Gardiner Expressway. Sounds completely normal, right?

polar bear skate
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If you’re still not sold, just remember that the event’s absolutely free. Plus, all pre-registered skaters will get a free hot chocolate and a chance to win an unreal Bentway prize pack– so really, what’ve you got to lose? …Other than your dignity?

Registration begins at 1:30pm and the events run through to 3pm, so you’ll have time to grab a much-deserved drink after all the festivities. Get those skates sharpened, prep that can-do attitude, and we’ll see you all for a body positive skate!

The Bentway Polar Bear Skate

Where: The Bentway Skate Trail– 250 Fort York Boulevard
When: December 30, 1:30PM-3PM
Cost: Free to attend; rentals available

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