DREAM SPACE pop-up from TO artist now open

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Two wicked art pop-ups are in Toronto, and one of them is officially open! Anthony Ricciardi, a Toronto local of many talents, has opened the doors of DREAM SPACE (shouty Italics!) to the public.

Ricciardi’s a definite name in the world of contemporary art. Additionally, fun fact: he played Div 1 NCAA baseball. This was prior to dipping on his job as a finance bigwig. Follow your dreams, folks. Now, he’s got two new pop-ups in the city.

deram space

Firstly, we have DREAM SPACE, and judging from the shouty capitals it’s got some serious impact. Here are some fun art words for ya: It’s a multidisciplinary, interactive, experiential installation. AKA you can interact with it. It’s 2,500 square feet of canvas and sculpture.

Also, there’s a hidden experience with 15 large-scale interactive installations. Hint: there’s a giant pool of gold coins.

Hidden Treasures will be opening this week. It’s not as shouty, that’s what we know so far.

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As Riccardi puts it, “These two shows will evoke distinctly different experiences. My sincere hope is that everyone will find something that speaks to them and will ultimately stoke a fire within to explore their own aspirations.”

Check out DREAM SPACE at the Yorkdale Mall now! Additionally, Hidden Treasures will open at The Gallery at MINDSET (SHOUTY CAPITALS) on April 18.


When: Opening Friday, April 12 & Thursday, April 18, respectively
Where: Yorkdale Mall, 3401 Dufferin St & The Gallery at MINDSET, 62 Cumberland St

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