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Broadview Hotel hosting all you can eat BBQ fest

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How much BBQ can you eat? Time to find out! The Broadview Hotel is hosting a summer all you can eat BBQ series, so we’re looking to top our record of 28 short ribs. Please toss any extra wet wipes our way, we will be needing them.

The Broadview Hotel is teaming up with Eastbound Brewery Co. for this one, so there’ll be beer, of course! Then again, what would a summer food event be without beer? It would be way less cool.


You’ll get to bask in the funky industrial vibe of Lincoln Hall + Terrace. Bask with sunscreen, though. Trust us. “Terrace” is code for “might turn you into a lobster while you enjoy the sunshine.” Worth it!

Your tickets get you all you can eat rights and a welcome beer. We’re already sold. If you need some extra beverage to wash down the wings, you can get them for $5. Not bad at all!

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broadview hotel terrace

Veggie pals and those who like to balance their diet, there’s going to be plenty of mac & cheese, grilled veg, cornbread, potato salad, and coleslaw for you. Everyone, bask in the glow of food and drink.

We will be there will a full-on BBQ sauce Joker grin going on.


When: Sunday, May 19 & 26, Sunday, June 2
Where: The Broadview Hotel, 106 Broadview Ave
Time: 2 PM- 7 PM
Cost: $25 at the door

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