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An Alice in Wonderland themed tea party is coming to Toronto

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We’re all a little mad here. This summer, follow your fellow liquor loving futterwackers down the rabbit hole, to a psychedelic event where up is down, down is up and half birthdays are celebrated in style. Suit up, folks! A boozy Alice in Wonderland themed tea party is coming to Toronto!

Under the watchful eye of the Hatter himself, guests will be completely immersed in the magical realm of Wonderland. Challenge the red queen to a game of flamingo croquet, paint some roses, and snack on fantastical desserts. Then, solve riddles and complete challenges, to unlock enchanting ingredients in order to make your very own topsy-turvey cocktail.

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Each alternate-reality experience will include 2 tasty bespoke beverages, 1 ‘eat me’ cake and, of course, a magical 90-minute adventure. For updates and to receive an email when tickets go on sale, sign up through their official email here.

Prepare yourselves, Toronto! Things through the looking glass tend to only become curiouser and curiouser! 


When: September TBD
Where: TBD

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