Adult summer camp is a thing, and you need to go

Via Camp No Counselors

Do you get a little pang of jealousy dropping your little cousins at summer camp? Yeah, we do too. Well, that is about to disappear, because adult summer camp is a thing, pal. Camp No Counselors is the all-inclusive, weekend-long return to summer camp your soul needs.

After debuting on ABC’s Shark Tank, Camp No Counselors set up shop in 11 cities. It’s the best of both worlds: activities with drinks, and camping minus the supervision.

camp no counselors

Forget your phone, grab your friends (or just make some there), and go have more fun than you’ve had since you were 12. Sounds like a blast to us!

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Lodging, endless land and water sports, and some arts and crafts are included. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention the open bar (!!!).  Now it’s a real adult dreamland!

Additionally, there’s nightly theme parties, meals and all of your favourite classic camp activities. After all, the motto is “Play like a kid, party like a grown-up!” We fully support.

adult summer camp

Take it from a camper: “You’ll forget about your phone and your job and you’ll actually connect with people.” That sounds like something we could all use in 2019.

Dates will be released here later this year. Catch you on the slip n slide, Toronto!

Camp No Counselors

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