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A massive sunflower farm just outside Toronto opens tomorrow!

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Sometimes ya just wanna frolic through nature and pretend to be a character in a coming-of-age film. You know… picking flowers, running around in the summer sun, that sort of vibe. Well, when that feeling hits we know just the spot. It’s the sunflower fields at Dixie Orchards. With just an hour drive outside of the city, you can experience the gorgeous day trip of your teenage summer dreams.

So the Caledon spot is officially opening for the season tomorrow. Which makes this weekend the perfect time to hit it up. You can check out their wagon rides, their corn maze, or just peruse the sunflower fields while you’re there. Seriously, there’s no such thing as a dull moment at this beautiful farm.

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Entry is only $10 per person over 10 years old. Plus, the place has extended their hours to allow more time for folks to visit now that capacity is limited thanks to COVID-19 regulations. If you are planning on going, make sure you head online to reserve your spot ahead of time. Also, be prepared to do proper social distancing while you’re there.

Sunflower peak bloom only lasts about 3 weeks, so make sure you get there ASAP to secure that prime Insta pic. And also to play out that coming-of-age scene we were talking about earlier.


Where: 14309 Dixie Rd, Caledon