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6 of the best places to spot celebs in Toronto during TIFF

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Admit it, you’re willing to take a sick day from work to catch a glimpse of Scarlett Johansson in the flesh. Nothing to be ashamed of, we get it. We’re here to help, with some of the best places to spot celebrities in Toronto during TIFF! Camp out and get comfy, but maybe just make sure the binoculars aren’t too conspicuous.

So, we all know that stars are actual people too who may frequent, oh, perhaps the nearby Starbucks. The first lesson here is to be on your toes because you could land a sighting just going about your daily routine. If your daily routine is sitting in bed, though, here’s where you can target your efforts:


Not to be too obvious, but your absolute best bet is to actually go to the festival. Grab a ticket, see some screenings. Witness The Tom Hanks Himself onstage for an audience Q&A. Yes, many stars will take questions after a screening. See, easy peasy! If you can’t spring for tickets, hanging out at the Widmer St entrance to the Lightbox might grant you a sighting of stars making a more covert entrance.


The 6th floor of this building (276 King St W) was transformed into a 40,000 square foot event space for Elevation’s TIFF flicks. There will be stars here for events, and you will be able to see them from the bushes across the street.



J Lo needs somewhere to sleep, other than her piles of money and signed photos of her triceps. If you spend enough time hanging around a hotel lobby or two, chances are pretty good you might run into a celeb or spot a departing limo. You also might get kicked out by concierge. Risks worth taking. Try the Ritz-Carlton (181 Wellington St), Shangri- La (188 University Ave), Bisha (80 Blue Jays Way), and the St, Regis (325 Bay St).


The TIFF Tribute Gala will be hosted at the Fairmont, so if you camp out on September 9th, your chances are pretty good.

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This (192 Adelaide St W) is a favourite for private dining parties. Yeah, they’re private. However, the sidewalk isn’t, so keep your eyes peeled for arrivals and departures.


Word on the street is the Hustlers party is being hosted here (99 Yorkville Ave) on September 7. You know who’s throwing the party? Jennifer Lopez. We’re guessing you won’t be able to make a reso, but keep an eye on the place for a sure sighting.

Eyeballs primed, Sharpie out for autographs, we are ready to go. Good luck spotting celebrities around Toronto for TIFF, devoted fans!

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