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5 must-see films at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TRAILERS)

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Between Friday the 13th and Spooky Month coming up, it’s prime time for some scary flicks! The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is one of the largest celebrations of all movies horrifying, spooky, and thrilling in the world! Some of the screenings have just been announced, so we’ve picked out 10 must-see movies at the festival. Will you hold our hand?

So we’ve got some critically-acclaimed and brand new films here. We’ve included a few trailers for ya, and the rest are linked. All descriptions are thanks to the festival! Let’s jump right in:


“In small-town Ireland, Martin, a frazzled single father enlists the help of Rose, a part-time mystic, to try and communicate with the ghost that’s haunting him. It’s not long before the pair find themselves attracting the attention of another occultist (played by SNL star Will Forte) who has more sinister plans and then things get really creepy.”


“One of the scariest films at Toronto After Dark this year! After a series of disturbing supernatural events in his home, Joel, a young single father, comes to suspect that his young son may be possessed. Soon Joel receives a visit from Father Lambert, a controversial exorcist in town whose last patient died during his treatment.”


“Here the veil of paradise is presented to a group of young women sent to a lavish remote island facility. On the island, the ladies are expected to be transformed into more acceptable versions of themselves before returning to society. But it’s not long before sinister secrets at the facility including its conversion methods are revealed, and the group start to think about escape.”

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“In this chilling new horror flick, a bunch of students take a Winter road trip to the remotest woods they can find looking for the perfect untouched snow for a fun snowboarding adventure. But as they enter Stoughton Valley, home to a series of historic Witch Trials even more infamous than Salem, their SUV mysteriously breaks down. Soon the group realizes they must not only avoid the deadly cold but something far more terrifying in the woods: a sinister supernatural spirit, trying to possess them and lead them to their deaths!”


“Oblivious to the upcoming zombie apocalypse, the eccentric Park family decide to adopt an undead stray and try to put the brain muncher to use in various get rich quick schemes in their rural town”

Can we talk about the term “brain muncher?” That one got us in the giggles. From horror to sci-fi to comedy, this festival’s got it all! Snag your passes and get the popcorn ready, it’s gonna be a good one.


When: Thursday, October 17- Friday, October 25
Where: Scotiabank Theatre Toronto, 259 Richmond St W
Cost: Depends on screening- all access passes on sale now, single screening tickets on sale in early October

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