4 things you can play with at HideSeek adult recess

Via HideSeek on Facebook

We are firm believers that adults deserve recess too. HideSeek adult recess is opening soon in Toronto, and in honour of this we’re going to tease 4 things you can play with (yes, play. Remember when you used to do that?). This immersive return to childhood nostalgia is the best thing since post-lunch playground time.


slinky room

The glory days of sending those colourful coils down the stairs aren’t over yet. At one room of HideSeek Toronto there are slinkies on every possible surface. Much slink. such fun.


hideseek velcro

A room covered in velcro, and balls to throw. We know velcro room sounds kind of like something from Saw at first but we promise it’s super fun! A little mini dodgeball among friends never hurt anybody, right?

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hideseek bubbles

This is quintessential childhood right here. Just don’t make being vaguely sticky into a dirty joke, there might be children around. Blow up the biggest one you can and try not to be salty when your buddy pops it. There’s plenty more!


Recess is incomplete without snacks. Don’t bother packing them! Also, don’t bother pestering your friend who always has the chocolate chip cookies. HideSeek has you covered. What’s childhood nostalgia without sugar? They’re upgrading from soccer practice orange slices- think Lucky Charms but just the marshmallows. Bring your sweet tooth and don’t expect to leave hungry!

Come take a lil break from adult life. Games, toys, and snacks are way more fun than work and asking your dad how to do your taxes.


When: Saturday, March 30- Sunday, June 2
Where: 1305 Dundas St W
Time: Thursdays & Fridays 12 PM- 10 PM; Saturdays & Sundays 10 AM- 10 PM
Cost: $25, reserve your tickets here

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