One Toronto restaurant has taken marketing to the next level with a menu renaming campaign that many have labeled genius. Good Fortune Burger just released a revamped version of their regular menu. The changes? Those are in the names of the food items, with a variety of burgers and fries now being called things like “Basic Steel Staple” or “Wired Earphones with Mic” or “Mini Dry Erase Whiteboard.”

So what’s the reason for these bizarre new names? So you can expense them, of course! On social media, Good Fortune Burger writes, “Imagine if you could expense ‘office supplies’ that were actually burgers. Oh, wait.”

Folks in the comments section have flooded in with their support. One Instagram user writes “this marketing genius should get an EPIC promotion! #epicwin.” Another called the move “LOL iconic.”

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But the feedback hasn’t all been uproarious support. A few Insta users have raised concerns about the potential legality of the whole thing. Is it tax fraud to claim food as an expense like office supplies? We’re not sure… Will people actually be going through with filing these sorts of claims? Probably not. Is it still a hilarious marketing idea nonetheless? We think so!

Either way, the campaign has garnered Good Fortune Burger loads of online attention. Plus, if you’re not a fan of the whole thing, do not worry. You still have the option to order the food items using their regular names.

Now if you’ll excuse us, our stomach is grumbling for a “Mini Dry Erase Whiteboard” right about now…


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