Ready to have your heart melted? A global animal welfare organization has opened its first safe house in Toronto, and a bunch of their rescue dogs are now in need of temporary homes before they’re placed with their furever families.

The organization, called No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB), calls their rescue dogs “survivors,” because, without the emergency intervention from activists and volunteers, the dogs were destined for the meat trade.

The U.S.-based nonprofit “operates boots on the ground in East Asia fighting on the front lines to end the reckless slaughtering of all animals,” NDLB says.

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The dogs are rescued from all kinds of heartbreaking scenarios, including slaughterhouses, dog meat trucks, wet markets, the Yulin Dog Meat “Festival” and illegal dog traffickers.

They’re taken to one of NDLB’s sanctuaries for support and rehabilitation before they’re ready to be placed into loving homes in the U.K., U.S., and Canada.

Now, survivors of all shapes, sizes, and breeds have made their way to the Toronto area and NDLB is calling on local animal lovers to take them in for 6 months. The organization shared photos of the dogs on Instagram.

The new Toronto safe house is an ideal temporary home for the pups, complete with kennels, indoor and outdoor play areas, and large parks for them to play in. The goal is to promote socialization so that they are fully adjusted and ready for their new home.

There are always precious pups to adopt in Ontario. Just recently, a litter named after The Office characters went up for adoption in the Niagara region. If you’re looking for a fur baby to love, this province is the place to find one.