We have yet to come across someone who doesn’t love a good bunch of farm-fresh flowers. This inevitably makes them a universal gift. So, we decided to perfect our flower game. Fortunately, expert florists at Bear’s Blooms agreed to share some of their top tips for choosing the best quality flowers with us! 

Okay, we’ll be completely honest, we did have a hidden agenda behind getting expert tips on choosing flowers. We really wanted to win the almost-imminent Valentine’s Day and the not-so-far Mother’s Day this year. That said, we do assure you, these tips would work just as well for choosing any bouquet no matter what the occasion.

Now, we’re pretty sure you already know them by now but just ICYMI, Bear’s Blooms is a Vancouver-born, one-of-a-kind flower subscription service. They are essentially a meal kit service but for flowers. They send locally grown, fresh blooms to you along with their expert flower-care tips and something they call Flower Food that keeps your bouquets stay fresher for much longer. 

The experts here gave us a few pointers on things that we need to look for when shopping for flowers. In fact, ahead of Valentine’s day they even decided to give away 6 Bear’s Blooms Bouquets worth $230+ to one lucky person. All you have to do is leave your name and email address below to enter the draw!

The contest closes on Monday, February 14th.

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Now, to the list, we go−

#1 Local flowers last longer

The primary consideration when picking out flowers is to make sure they are grown locally. That way, they aren’t travelling for long and reach you without losing half their freshness. That’s one of the reasons why flowers by Bear’s Blooms last long. Their flowers are sourced from local farmers in BC. The other reason is that they send buds, not blooms. So, the flowers will bloom 24-48 hours after they arrive, meaning they last much longer than your typical store bought blooms. 

#2 Conditioning is key

Make sure the flowers you receive come with appropriate care instructions so your flowers look perky for a good period of time. As it happens, Bear’s Blooms shipments arrive not just with instructions but also flower food that’ll help your arrangement look healthy and lively.


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#3 Thinking seasonal goes a long way

When choosing flowers, think more about the season and less about the occasion. Seasonal blooms are the freshest and most delightful. In fact, flowers used on many occasions are actually season-specific. For example, tulips and peonies are spring beauties, making them the perfect Mother’s Day presents. Hmm, that’s one to remember!

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#4 Roses are red (and pink and white and cream)

Didn’t we just confess our agenda? Well, then don’t be surprised to find roses on the list. While red roses might be a V-Day staple, venturing into different colours can give your bouquet a whole different personality. You can even combine them with other seasonal blooms. Fortunately, Bear’s Blooms currently has a fantastic variety of roses in neutral palettes, on top of their Valentine’s Day Bouquet.

#5 Make them your own

Whether it is roses or tulips or lilies, as long as you can make your floral arrangement your own, it will make you happy. This is where Bear’s Bloom stands apart. They send you the trimmed buds but they let you design your own bouquet. Of course, you have plenty of help. But in the end, it is your aesthetic and your personality that shines through. The arrangement is all you. 


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Ready to choose the best blooms for your loved ones? Check out Bear’s Blooms extensive collection and their easy-to-manage subscription. Don’t forget to use code SPRINGBLOOMS for $15 off your first order.