Double Double ice cream is officially a thing and we’ve got the scoop. Tim Hortons has unveiled new ice cream flavours in Canada, including the beloved beverage we can’t get enough of.

The chain announced that four new flavours will soon be available at grocery stores across the country.

The creations are inspired by some of their most popular menu items.

They’re made with 100% Canadian dairy and in partnership with Shaw’s, a small-town Ontario-based ice cream producer.

The four flavours that Canadians can look forward to are Boston Cream, Double Double, Maple Crunch and Campfire S’mores.

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Photo via Tim Hortons

Boston Cream will be infused with “bites of donut-style pieces, and swirls of chocolate fudge ripple,” the description says.

Double Double ice cream tastes just like Tim Hortons coffee paired with the “creamy and sweet accents” of the popular drink.

Campfire S’mores is a delicious toasted marshmallow-flavoured ice cream base with chocolate ripple and crushed Graham crumbs.

As for Maple Crunch, the ice cream will feature rich maple flavour, maple-flavoured crunchy flakes and ripple.

The flavours will be available at stores nationwide within the coming weeks, including Co-Op, Loblaws Longo’s, Metro, Sobeys/Safeway and Walmart locations.

Tim Hortons has been getting creative with their food and drink offerings lately.

Just recently, the chain launched a brand new cereal based on one of its most popular donut flavours.

Plus, Tim Hortons pizza is also being tested in several parts of Canada.

Leave it to Tims to always keep us on our toes!