Looking for a few knick-knacks to spruce up your home this spring? We say skip the trip to IKEA, and check out this insane online auction of old museum items. Coming from Kastner Auctions, the collection features everything from ancient coins and artifacts to early cameras and a whole lot (haha) more. Let’s check it out!

The lot was originally discovered by Alex Archbold, the man behind the iconic Curiosity Inc. antique store in the city. Aside from picking a great name, Archbold has turned into the de facto antique authority in Edmonton and beyond (his YouTube channel has over 300k subscribers).

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A few weeks back, Archbold stumbled across an estate sale that, luckily, featured a variety of pieces from Alberta’s Stan Reynolds Museum. In a YouTube video about it, Archbold showed off what looks to be Mesoamerican artifacts, ancient Greek and Roman coins, and more.

What are we drawn to? Thanks for asking. Here’s our wishlist:

  1. Early Op-Art, and some of the earliest computer-generated art
  2. A Civil War-Era Colt Revolver (rootin’ tootin’ cowboy shootin’, anyone?)
  3. A lifetime impression of Picasso’s ‘Don Quixote’ (ask for more specific details about the print before bidding)
  4. A real-life ball and chain
  5. An Aztec Jaguar

So, if you’re looking for some crazy new decorations around your house, make sure to check out the Stan-Reynolds Museum Auction. Things officially kick off later this month, but pre-bidding has already started!