Usually, if we’re good at our jobs we’ll maybe get a (virtual) pat on the back, or a free lunch if we’re lucky. But, one Canucks ice cleaner just got much more than that, having become a viral sensation overnight. The NHL even took the time to single him out on their social media pages.

Why’d they do it? Because Devon (the Canucks identified him), has got cleaning the ice in the goalie crease down to a science. In under 30 seconds, the guy manages to completely clean up the net front, scoop up some extra snow from coworkers, and bring flare into the whole ordeal.

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Responses on social media range from wanting the Canucks to offer him a spot on the roster…

To, hilariously, criticism over his technique…

And to that we say, really? Who’s out there criticizing the ice cleaners? You’ve got like 800 pro hockey players to choose from, but this guy’s form is off? Come on now.

We say keeping bringing the noise, Devon. We need the energy right now.