Mixology at home has risen in popularity during the pandemic, and we have probably all learned some new bartending skills as a result whether you are a novice home bartender or an experienced mixologist, we have the perfect bar cart addition for you.

Luckily, just in time for Cinco de Mayo, we don’t need to be expert bartenders thanks to Volcán Tequila. Volcan has perfected the recipe for an unbelievably easy 3 step margarita so it is perfect every time.

Simply add 2 oz of Volcán Tequila, 1 oz of Volcán Margarita Pre-Mix, and 1 oz of water to a shaker filled with ice and give it the ol’ shake-a-roo. Pour the mix into a glass on the rocks, and voila! The perfect margarita!

So let us fill you in on Volcán’s Margarita Pre-Mix. It makes a bomb AF margarita base, then it’s up to you to take it to the next level! Get experimenting with flavour combos and nail down your signature marg. And don’t forget to share your creations using the hashtag #volcantequilacanada.

volcan tequila
Photo via Volcan

Volcán Margarita Pre-Mix is erupting with citrus, cherry, and white pepper flavours AND it’s an exceptional complement to Volcan Tequila.

So let’s talk about Volcán Tequila! It is made using lowland and highland agave; giving it a richer, more complex flavour. The lowland brings earthy, spicy, and herbal notes, while the highlands balances it with rounder, fruity and floral aromas. This might sound like a wine tasting but trust us, once you try Volcan Tequila you’ll taste the difference, AND see why we’re so passionate about it.

volcan tequila
Photo via Chelsea Gray

Volcán Margarita Pre-Mix and Volcan Tequila are great additions to your bar cart and it will elevate your at-home mixology experience. Whether you’re cheers-ing to Taco Tuesday, celebrating Cinco de Mayo, or just excited to celebrate spring, make sure to include Volcan in your plans! Look for Volcan’s Margarita Pre-Mix at BC Liquor stores to get yourself some- Just in time for Cinco de Mayo!

Please drink responsibly!