You’re out on the town and you realize you need to go. But then you remember it’s the middle of a pandemic and washrooms aren’t that easy to come across. You could try to go into a cafe but then you have to buy something and the washroom might not even be open. It’s a dilemma that a lot of Torontonians have faced this year and one Twitter account wants to change that.

@totoiletcodes is constantly populating an interactive google map that online users can check out. They add their own additions and also ask for input from others on Twitter. It’s a super cool way in which the community is coming together to ensure that people have access to an incredibly basic amenity.

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It’s a great resource to keep in mind for the next time you’re out and need to go. But it’s also a great thing to share as you never know which one of your friends might need it. We hope to see public resources like this continue to grow as they’re necessary and help everyone.

If you know of a bathroom code or location be sure to share it with @totoiletcodes or check out the map here. We hope that this initiative inspires you to do something to support your own community. Have a great day folks!