Jump, magic, jump! Okay, we’re sorry to say this story is not about that kind of labyrinth. But it is a fun, wacky, and interesting story involving a labyrinth nonetheless!

In 2013, a photographer was capturing the area around the BC town of Nelson with his new drone. And in between photos of the forests, lake, and city, he stumbled upon something strange. It was a unique rock formation below the surface of Kootenay Lake, thought to be a petroglyph.

Don’t worry, we didn’t know what a petroglyph was either. For those who aren’t big into archaeology, a petroglyph is an image that has been carved into a rock. They’re seen across the world made by many civilizations and cultures, including Indigenous peoples in North America.

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Strange formation under the lake near Nelson BC captured by drone.

This strange underwater pattern began to make the rounds on the internet, appearing on Reddit and Facebook. With this, came all the wacky theories. People thought it was an Indigenous petroglyph, evidence of an alien landing, or even something created by sasquatch.

But, like most mysteries, the truth is less exciting than the theory.

Unfortunately, it’s not an alien contact site, a message from bigfoot, or even an ancient Indigenous petroglyph. But it’s probably a labyrinth (AKA a maze) made in modern times when the water was much lower. This was confirmed by two UBC professors as well as local Facebook groups.

Still, it’s interesting when weird BC stories spread across the internet. It’s also a reminder to never believe everything you see online. That is, of course, until we post about an alien invasion because we would never lie about that. We promise.