Another lockdown has hit Toronto and folks are not too pleased about it. In fact, one Toronto restaurant has even decided Premier Ford should foot the bill after wish-washy patio restrictions cause their beer to spoil. Antler Kitchen & Bar, located in the west end, sent the Premier an invoice for $431.

“We haven’t been buying draft beer because we can’t sell draft for our curbside pickup and takeout, so for the patio weekend we decided okay, we’re open for the patio, now let’s buy these kegs,” Antler’s owner Michael Hunter told CP24. “We tapped the kegs, hooked them up to our lines, had the lines cleaned, only for a week later told now we have to shut down.” Oof.

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Along with the invoice, Antler Kitchen & Bar penned an open letter to the Premier. In it, they highlighted their grievances over the whole situation.

“You say you care about Toronto’s restaurant,” the letter reads. “And we know you care about beer. So we’re sending an invoice to you for two kegs worth of beer that will spoil because of this shut down. We bought them because you said we could re-open.”


antler kitchen & bar
Via @antlerkitchenbar on Instagram

Hunter has also said that the invoice does not include the cost of additional food or staff hired.

A spokesperson for the premier did not comment on the situation, but did say that the government recognizes the pandemic has had a “devastating impact on all Ontarians.”