Being an adult can be tough, but there are certain ways we all make things a little better. Vices like a smoke, a drink, or a strong morning coffee may get plenty of us through the day, but oftentimes indulging in these is missing a level of sophistication adults want. Hemson Goods is a company that makes lifestyle accessories for modern times, adding handmade elegance to a world of products often lacking just that.

Hemson Goods began as a simple idea between two friends who took industrial design together at Humber College. What was an idea became a business specializing in bringing high-quality products to the world of accessories for vices and beyond. 

Yes, Hemson Goods makes plenty of products meant to add a new level of elegance to enjoying a cocktail, some herb, or even your favourite coffee. Even better, they’ll be expanding into barware and house decor in 2022. 

Not only do these products look fantastic, but they’re built to last. As Hemson Goods puts it best, these are ‘Tools of Tradition’ meant to stand the test of time aesthetically and functionally. Let’s explore just some of the fantastic offerings that Hemson Goods have available right now. 

Limited Edition Survival Kits

hemson goods toronto
Photo via Hemson Goods

Since it’s the holidays, one of the best options Hemson Goods offers is its limited-edition Survival Kits. It comes in three varieties – ‘Just Add Herb’, ‘Just Add Caffeine’, and ‘Just Add Cocktail’, and comes with handmade goods that will make enjoying your adult vices a whole lot nicer. Each kit also comes with a Hemson Goods candle, so you can up your scent game at the same time. 

Price: $70-$80

The Classic Pipe 

hemson goods toronto
Photo via Hemson Goods

Using American walnut, this hand-carved pipe is inspired by the classic Grandpa’s pipe we’ve all seen before. With a ceramic bowl and wildly smooth pull, you’ll be feeling timeless the second you try it. 

Price: $89

The Barrier 

hemson goods toronto
Photo via Hemson Goods

Say hello to your favourite new travel companion. The Barrier is a perfect-sized bag to bring along on a road trip or just out to the park, and features an odour-blocking liner so you never have to worry about the rest of your valuables catching a stink. 

Price: $45

Whether you’re looking for a gift, a statement piece, or just a trusty piece of equipment that will last you a long time, Hemson Goods has you covered. 

To shop now, just head online right here.