Have you ever been jealous of a puppy? We sure have! One Toronto chef has been going viral on TikTok for making gourmet meals for his furry friend. This lucky pooch can be seen adorably indulging in all kinds of scrumptious dishes. As we said, we are jealous of a dog.

So the Toronto chef is named Sean MacDonald. You may know him for his work at the downtown spot ēst restaurant. Or through his various accolades like being named in the TAOP Rising Talent List in 2019 and being recognized for The Best Chefs Awards in 2018. Whether you’re familiar with him or not, there’s no denying that impressive resume.

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@seanyandhazelnutBaby Puppy Hazelnut eats dish from guest chef ig: imrun.texeira ##Fyp ##tastingmenu ##dogo ##babypuppyhazelnut ##puppy♬ original sound – Seany & Hazelnut

So it’s no wonder his puppy meals are taking the internet by storm! On the TikTok channel, you’ll find clips of Chef Sean serving his pooch delicious creations like puppy-friendly carbonara, octopus, gourmet breakfast, and more. The videos have been quite the hit, racking up anywhere from 20,000 to 1 million views apiece.

If you’d like to try the human version of these dishes for yourself, be sure to stop by ēst restaurant for some gourmet eats. The spot is known for its small plates and wine bar in the heart of Queen East.

Catch even more adorable vids at the Seany & Hazelnut’s TikTok channel here.