Evansburg, Alberta. Never heard of her? Well, that’s about to change because this little prairie Hamlet might be the most unique place in the entire province.

Now, you might be asking, “what in the heck makes this place so special?” Well, kids, every year since 1979, Evansburg has elected a town grouch, giving them an entire year of licensed grumbling, pestering and antagonizing others. Yes, really. 

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Evansburg is the HOME OF THE GROUCH!

CONGRATULATIONS to this years winner Dallas Rushton!

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Posted by Pembina Valley Daze on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

This wonderfully pessimistic tradition was born after local artist (and joker), John Lauer, was commissioned to create the town’s welcome sign.

Lauer completed the project, but not before adding a single line that would one day become a legitimate council position complete with responsibilities and privileges. “603 people, 29 dogs, 41 cats, and one grouch,” it originally read.

The town thought that this was hilarious, but couldn’t, for the life of them, figure out who their resident grouch was. Just like that – their quirky election was born.

This election is held every August during the Pembina Valley Days Festival, with the winner going on to represent the town at various events all over Canada for an entire year. Heck, they’re even given an honorary address – “10 Frowning Street,” and a uniform to mimic their town mascot, a scowling coal miner.

So now you know – if ever you’re in Evansburg, Alberta and you encounter a total jerk.. don’t take it personally. They’re probably just doing their job.