For some, camping itself can be a pretty terrifying thing. Not only are you exposed to the elements and the wildlife, but there are also trees where literally anyone could be lurking, no cell service, and perhaps, the scariest part of it all, portapotties. Terrifying! Of course, if nothing about the activity scares the pants off of you, there is one place that has made it their mission to do exactly that – because it just isn’t fair that you get away fear-free and others don’t. Guys, ghouls, freaks, and fans of the horror genre, meet the folks behind Creepy Hollow, a ‘haunted’ campsite that will spook you silly.

With a variety of frightening attractions and events, this one-of-a-kind destination is totally in a league of its own.

Set up a tent, throw some hot dogs on the fire, and then hit one of their scare-tastic haunted houses, their corn maze, or mini-railway any time during your stay throughout the warmer months!

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Once you’ve walked through all that there is to see, head back to your site and get ready for one of their many exciting group activities which include things like watching a horror classic or participating in a murder mystery game at the aptly named ‘Monster Hall!’

Now, be warned. All of this may seem fun and lighthearted, but the owners are REAL fans of the spooktacular. This isn’t their first rodeo and they really do want you to be scared so prepare yourselves if you choose to go (post COVID, of course).

The Reimer’s, who own the site, also ran the very successfully freaky Haunted Stirling Mansion until it was closed down in 2015,

For those who may not be familiar, the Stirling Mansion, which was built by William T. Ogden, one of Canada’s first settlers, was used as the set of the legendary haunted house. This place was open for 15 years and had a reputation for scaring the living crap out of people. As we said, they do not play around, so come ready and stay ready. 

If we haven’t somehow spooked you out of staying campsites cost around $25 a night, only accommodate retro-style stays and don’t allow personal firepits – though they do have a communal one where you can socialize, make food and warm up.

Beware campers! You’re in for quite the fright. For more information, you can visit their website here!


Where: 44046 AB-4, Warner, AB