We hope you’ve got your hot pants on because we’re about to take you back to a time where hair was big, dreams were bigger and something called ski-surfing took over Canada’s snow-covered hills.

It was 1985. Bean bag loungers were all the rage, rent was less than $400.00 and the Nintendo Entertainment system was just introduced to North America. Things were good… until absolute havoc broke out on the slopes – a once, sacred place where neon jackets and well-trimmed mustaches could co-exist.

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The new bond movie, “A View To Kill” had just come out – and one scene, in particular, had stood out – a scene glamorizing the heinous act of sliding down a mountain with one larger ski, as opposed to two smaller ones. How terrible! 

Disrespectful “Smart Alecks” were “endangering the public, and possibly themselves,” unaware that in only a matter of years… it would be called snowboarding, it would be totally normal and that the generation after them would find videos like this one hilarious.

Honestly, folks – if you haven’t already we would definitely recommend you watch and giggle your way through this “ski-surfing” segment shot by CBC above. If that isn’t proof that times change – we’re not sure what is. Enjoy!