Toronto’s downtown core is about to get a major makeover. Everyone knows that University Avenue is home to some of Toronto’s leading industries. There’s the world-famous University of Toronto, Queen’s Park, the hospital district, and lots of amazing shops and restaurants along the way. Well, what if we told you that this all could become a part of a massive outdoor green space?

Feels too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it is for now, but a very impressive proposal put together by the landscape architects PUBLIC WORK, the Michael Young Family Foundation, and the non-profit Evergreen. Their vision is simple; to turn University Avenue into a promenade that cities around the world would be envious of and Torontonians would be proud of.

university park

The project envisions turning the University Avenue stretch into an area called University Park. All the smaller green spaces and parks along the way will be connected through foliage, bike paths, and cultural installations. Once it’s all complete, we’ll be looking at a massive downtown core outdoor oasis.

Here is how the creators of the project describe it:

“By making minor adjustments to the existing roadway on University Avenue and converting only 9.5 acres of city-owned asphalt into native landscape, pedestrian walkways, bike paths, and cultural installations, we can create a 90-acre park that spans from Queen’s Park all the way to the waterfront.”

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university park

90 acres (give or take) sounds like a heck of a lot, but the truth is that by converting a mere 9.5 acres to greenspace, the 90 acres would be complete. It would certainly transform the downtown core and even give us our very own version of Central Park.

Along with making the entire area a little prettier, the University Park plans would also be great for the environment. What makes an urban landscape more climate-friendly than planting a whole ton of trees throughout it?

You can learn more about the project or follow along for updates by checking out the official website right here. Here’s hoping this proposal leads to something extraordinary!