COVID-19 is kind of getting under control, summer is here, you know there’s just a whole lot going on. And chances are that a lot of you are looking to get back into the swing of things with a summer job. Well, we have some good news for you, Coors Light wants to pay you to do nothing but chill this summer.

As we all know, getting a summer job isn’t always the most chill experience, especially during a pandemic. In order to make things a little easier (and through some pretty clever marketing) Coors Light has come up with some pretty awesome job titles to help put cash in your pocket in a very easy way.

For instance, you could become a S’moretender and win a backyard fire pit, Coors Light Cooler, and a specially curated S’more-making kit plus $2,500 all for making smores.

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Young woman with hat resting in comfortable hammock at green garden

If that’s not quite your speed you could become a Corn Controller and get paid $2,500 to chill with friends while you “supervise” Coors’ expert corn grilling team as they give you all tasty corn. We’re not kidding, that’s the job description!

Our favourite might just be the ‘Hammock Mechanic’, described as being someone who sets up a hammock in a park, invites friends, and chills in said hammock. Good lord, why have we been doing this for free??

While we’d gladly take any of these jobs, those are just a few of what’s available to winners. So if you have some free time this summer, it can’t hurt to apply.

All you have to do to apply is provide your birthday, province, a photo, and a short statement on why you should get paid to chill. Easy peasy if you ask us. You can learn more and apply by clicking here. Have a great rest of your summer folks!