Do you have a weird, mysterious smell in your neighbourhood? Well, now you might just be able to identify it thanks to a new web-based app. The app is called SmellVan and as the name suggests, it’s studying the odours in Vancouver. How pleasant.

We have to say that we don’t think of Vancouver as a particularly smelly city. Especially because our city goes so hard at being “green”. But that being said, we have definitely smelled some things that we wish we hadn’t and chances are you have too. And on that note, we’ve never really thought of the health consequences of certain smells.

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But thanks to SmellVan, researchers at UBC will now be able to map the “smell scape” and figure out where potentially harmful odours are coming from. Plus it might just be able to give you peace of mind if you can finally figure out what your neighbourhood’s weird smell is. Regardless, we think this new app is pretty cool and also a little funny.

If you’d like to learn more about SmellVan or use it, you can click here. And if you end up checking it out, be sure to let us know what you think. Because this data will be studied for at least two years. So using it is a great way to learn and also help our city’s researchers!