Want to spice up your regular burger order? Why not try a delectable creation from the folks at Burger Brawl. This new concept from DOSC Restaurant is taking the takeout game by storm. Let’s see what the deal is!

Officially launched last December, Burger Brawl has a slightly different approach for their weekly features. Rather than stick with a classic menu, they’re naming each new creation after a character on the iconic video game. They’ve already got Yoshi, Bowser, and Samus in there.

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Plus, every week, they introduce a new ‘challenger’. The cherry on top? They try to match the flavours of the burger with the style of the character. So, while the ‘Pokemon Trainer’ is a vegetarian option, the Bowser burger is a celebration of beef and classic flavours.

It’s a pretty great idea, if we say so ourselves. Looks like we’ve got a new spot to try out this weekend!

Burger Brawl

When: Open for takeout/delivery Friday and Saturday
Where: 10190 104 Street NW