Going to a restaurant is a sacred experience – but so is ordering food and being able to eat it immediately. If you are an impatient foodie, know that you are in good company (us) and that now you have one more spot to add to your Rolodex of ‘quick and easy.’

Located on McLeod Trail, the Vietnamese grill that goes by the name of To Me Sub is actually the first of its kind in all of Canada, which might have you asking “how have I not heard of this place?!”

The answer is simple. It’s tiny.

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Despite being what we would argue is Calgary’s smallest eatery, To Me also has a pretty decent selection of dishes of generously portioned, well-priced dishes.

From rice vermicelli, banh mi, and spring rolls, these folks to the absolute most with the kitchen space that they have, and we are grateful.

If you’ve never heard of it please don’t feel like you should revoke the right to call yourself a bon vivant; To Me opened in October of last year, smack dab in the middle of the pandemic, and as we’re sure you guys can remember, very few people were out and about at that time, but things change!

With Calgary reopening little by little, you’re free to feast as you please! Next stop? To Me Sub! Enjoy, friends!


Where: 5250 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary