Outside the box adventurers, have we got an opportunity for you. We just found out about the farm tour at Riverside Cranberry Farm, and our interest is piqued. This unique farm tour offers an inside look at the surprisingly large cranberry industry. Plus, you can cap off the tour by jumping in a cranberry bog, and accessing an entire winter’s worth of bog-related puns.

First off, a little info about the tour. COVID-19 safe and self-guided, you’ll be able to check out everything from cranberry harvesting to antique techniques and equipment. Sure, it’s not exactly a mountainside zipline, but could be worth checking out nonetheless.

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Of course, the main selling point for us is the optional dunk in the cranberry bog. Throw on a pair of waders and experience firsthand what it’s like to stand amongst millions of cranberries. Yeah, we know that’s a dream you’re just discovering you had. We went through the same emotions.

The farm tours at Riverside Cranberry Farm are only on for four days. So, click the link below to reserve your spot!

Cranberry Farm Tour

When: October 7th to October 10th
Where: 26885 88 Ave, Langley
Cost: $16.93