Seattle is a hotspot for amazing Asian cuisine. And we have restaurants both young and old that have made their mark in America’s dining scene. But it also turns out that we might have one of the most unique and rare food spots in the nation. And that is Chef Elmer Komagata’s midnite ramen.

What makes midnite ramen so unique is the restaurant’s size. The “restaurant” is actually a kitchen inside a small cart that you can find parked at several local breweries. So it’s like a food truck but truly tiny. And this kind of cart is known as a yatai which were extremely popular in pre-1960’s Japan. Basically, they were small, mobile, family-owned businesses serving up comfort food.

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And that’s exactly what Elmer Komagata has done with midnite ramen. It’s a small operation that serves up amazing ramen, so small that he only creates 120 bowls a night. Not to mention, the soups that Komagata cooks up are lighter, chicken-based soups that stand out from your normal tonkotsu.

If you ask us, ramen sounds like pretty much the perfect meal for the early spring weather we’re having. And you can dine at one of the nation’s only yatai that’s also run by a celebrated and beloved chef. If you’d like to learn more about midnite ramen you can click here. Happy eating, Seattle!