Looking for some hilarious cards to spice up your holiday season? This Toronto local has got you covered. They’re known on Instagram as Thotful Dog and they are THE place to check out for a good laugh this holiday season. They’ve even got a Toronto-specific line that’s sure to prompt a chuckle from any city native!

Yes, if you’re in the market for niche cards you’ve gotta check them out. The cards come with snazzy little doodles and one-liners to match. Some of the highlights from the Toronto line include the “I would go to the Queen & Spadina McDonald’s at 3 AM for you” or “My love for you is like the construction on Eglinton…Endless.” See? Told ya you’d be in for a good laugh!

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Plus, they’ve got some Toronto-celebrity-centred pieces! Our favourites feature stars like Drake (“I think about you Nonstop”) and Kyle Lowry (“My love for you is larger than Kyle Lowry’s butt”). You can check out the entire Toronto collection, or all their other neat designs, by heading online right here.

So give the gift of laughter this holiday season! These niche and on-the-nose cards are the perfect way to bring a smile to any Torontonian’s face.

We know we’ll be ordering a few!


Where: Check them out on Etsy