We thought we would look in some smaller markets for this home of the week, and boy, are we happy that we did. Because, we’ve stumbled upon an amazing waterfront home just outside of Halifax in Nova Scotia, which is the perfect mix of ruggedness and refinement. Let’s check it out!

waterfront home nova scotia

The home is located in Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia, which is a quick 40-minute drive from nearby Halifax. However, that drive practically takes you to the edge of the province, ensuring privacy and relaxation once you’re out there. If that wasn’t enough, the 41-odd acres directly border crown land, so  nearby development is unlikely anytime soon.

home nova scotia

And, the home is meant to soak it all up. Giant bay windows are a feature in practically every room of the 6,000 square foot mansion. The previous owner was definitely into art, because the home itself gives off a gallery-esque vibe. Looks like we need to buy some cheap prints from IKEA if we spring for it!

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Plus, there are only 3 bedrooms in the home, which means this spot was not built as a ‘family reunion’ retreat or anything. We’re fans of that- we like to think about what kind of person would own a $6.75M home that is basically just for them.

nova scotia home

A baller, evidently. Are you looking to switch your fast-paced inner-city lifestyle for some seaside peace? Do you have just under $7M to make the switch? You can check out the listing for this Nova Scotia waterfront home right here.


Enjoy the day, folks!