On this week’s episode of dreaming about houses we can’t afford, we’re taking a peek at the Georgian Grandeur Estate that’s on sale in a hidden nook of Toronto. This beautiful property is overflowing with luxury at every turn. It’s a fully renovated, unbelievable find that is truly something special.


So as we mentioned, the Georgian Grandeur Estate is tucked away in a hidden nook of Toronto. To be more specific, it’s located on the secluded Zaharias Court. This North York street is part of the affluent Bayview and York Mills Area. It’s just far enough from the downtown core to really give you that suburban feel.

Georgian grandeur estateGeorgian grandeur estate

Once you get inside the property, the vibe is pretty unmatched. Just as its name suggests, this home is truly grand. It’s been redesigned and renovated to perfection. Every single room is spacious, luxurious, yet still modern.

The actual specs of the property include 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 1 half-bathroom, and 2 garage spaces. The home is within close proximity to loads of parks, schools, and the Bayview Village Mall. It’s perfect for raising a family!

Georgian grandeur estateGeorgian grandeur estate

Of course, we’ve got to mention some of the special features. Take this study, for example. The oak hardwood floor, panelled walls, and custom blinds make for the perfect work from home ambience. It sure would be convenient to be quarantining here, right?

Some of the other special features include the chef-inspire kitchen, built in speaker system, wet bar, granite counters, and vaulted ceilings. Pretty fancy, right?

Georgian grandeur estate

Oh, and there are literally fireplaces everywhere. Multiple living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms are fitted with cozy accents in this house!

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Georgian grandeur estate

The backyard is certainly nothing to sneeze at either. The outdoor pool and beautiful landscaping are sure to make for wonderful summers. We could definitely lounge out here for hours!

The gorgeous Georgian Grandeur Estate could be all yours to the tune of $4,500,000. Whew, we’ll stick to dreaming for now! Take it all in here.