We’ll admit that every so often, we wonder what the best seat in the house is at a restaurant. Whether it’s a corner booth with a great view, something in the middle of the action, or a front-row seat for the kitchen, there always seems to be that one table that’s just a little bit better than the rest. So, when we found out about a new piece of Canadian software that lets us pick it ahead of time, we were more than a little curious.

The software is called Tablz, and it comes from the Ottawa-based tech company Transparent Kitchen. Basically, the software works alongside existing booking platforms, while bringing 3D tours of the restaurant into the mix. Think of it as like a virtual walkthrough before you sit down.

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Restaurants are also allowed to charge a little extra for booking the best tables or the best times. And while it seems crazy at first, we think an extra $5 per person (or whatever it is) is more than worth an awkward phone call to ask if Table 302 or whatever is available that night. Especially if the restaurant itself is already a destination.

So far, the software has really only caught on in Ottawa, and is slowly expanding into Toronto. But, with the return to indoor and outdoor dining across the country, we think it’s only a matter of time before this blows up.

And now, you can just nod knowingly if you see it in the wild.