We hope you’ve got a resume updated and handy, folks because the job of a lifetime is up for grabs. Canadian company Candy Funhouse is looking for two professional taste-testers to join their team, meaning you could live out your Charlie Bucket dreams sans the rollie pollie slaves or the freaky deeky tunnel boat ride

If you’re ‘passionate about confectionary and love to explore new products, you could be exactly who they’re looking for.

For $30 CAD an hour, Candy Funhouse is looking to hire two sweet-enthusiasts to eat, smell and rate chocolates, gummies, taffy and jellies. Uhm, wow.

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To apply, you don’t have to have any previous experience but you do have to have a high school diploma, basic writing skills, be fluent in English and have no food allergies… meaning we’re totally out of the running.

If you’ve got the goods you have until Monday, February 15th to apply on their LinkedIn here, so hurry! We have a feeling you probably won’t be the only one who’s interested.