For times immemorial, the world has been divided into two types of people. There are those who exercise regularly, do high-intensity workouts and have stamina for days. Then there is us, the lot whose high-intensity workout consists of an additional trip from the couch to the kitchen ’cause we forgot the dip. And as much as we hate to admit it, for our own sake, we need to add some movement to our routines. Now here’s the great part- District Fitness just launched its November Movement Challenge and it’s perfect for just about everyone.

The fitness studio, as you might already know, is known for its unique blend of cardio and weighted strength. Their HIIT workout sessions are, well, of course intense, but also what fitness junkies swear by. Their November Movement Challenge, however, follows a more suit-your-pace kind of vibe. Whether you can endure a low intensity, 5-min routine or prefer a full-fledged, hour-long session, they’ve got you covered either way. 

district fitness calgary

Plus, the classes are delivered virtually (three to five times a week) and in-person (twice a week) at their Ramsay studio. So, you can pick whichever works best for you or club them. You can even access their on-demand class which is a humongous library of workout videos ranging from 10-60 minutes that you can use at will. Joining the challenge will get you some great perk on top of making your body feel better, including: 

  • Weekly $50 Gift Cards to Alo, Lululemon, Adidas & Nordstrom
  • Weekly class recos sent directly to your inbox
  • 50% off  in-studio classes

Sure, exercising has never been easier, but the immense convenience isn’t even the best part. The best part is that the sessions are really fun with enthusiastic trainers and music that gets your game going. We should also mention that you can opt in for group tracking. It’s just a nice option to hold yourself accountable & on track. Mind you, this is coming from the lot that often ditches the dip to avoid that extra trip.

Health & Wellness-conscious or not, these classes are worth giving a try which is easy to do since you can book on a per-class basis without any weekly or monthly obligation. Check out the whole list of classes, the schedule, and all other info on the District Fitness website.

district fitness calgary

The 4-week long November Movement Challenge, which started today on Nov 1 will conclude on Nov 28.

We’ll be picking our weights back up, what do you say?