Well, folks, it turns out American actor Jon Cryer had an emotional rollercoaster this weekend in Vancouver. Why? Because he, unfortunately, lost his wedding ring while walking the seawall on Friday night. But thanks to a metal detector wielding sleuth, he found his ring!

After losing his ring on Friday night, Jon Cryer immediately started looking for ways to locate it. And that’s how he came across Vancouverite Chris Turner of The Ring Finders. So thanks to Turner, Cryer was able to relocate his ring despite a pretty low chance of it being found. Talk about good luck!

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It turns out, the ring was just hidden in the grass right by where he lost it. But hey, finding a ring in some grass is like finding a needle in a haystack. So, we’re sure that Cryer is super relieved to have gotten it back. Shoutout to The Ring Finders, who we didn’t know existed until we wrote this article.

So we hope this bit of good news brings a smile to your face this Tuesday. And, now you know where to turn if it ever happens to you. Either way, have a great day Vancouver!